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Boulder opal is traditionally cut in “free form” shapes. This is due to the nature in which the opal has formed. Opal is found filling in cavities and cracks in ironstone boulders. Due to the general thinness (around about 0.5mm to 2mm) of the opal, some of the ironstone is left on the back of the gems forming a stable durable base. As the opal fills these cavities, some of the shapes can be amazing – lending themselves to be incorporated into the most interesting jewellery designs available. Oval shapes are sometimes available as and when the rough material lends itself to be cut in that manner.

Being qualified and experienced as a jewellery trade’s person, the cutting coordinator is able to design and cut boulder opal specifically with the jewellery manufacture in mind. As a result we can offer for sale Boulder Opal that is cut precisely with ease of setting in view for both rub-over and prong/claw settings.

Currently, work is being carried out on two mining leases. One is producing good quantities of “commercial” quality Boulder Opal and Pipe Opal. Large amounts of colourful rough specimens suitable for polishing are sometimes being produced. Other leases of ours just a short distance away are producing small consistent quantities of “top” quality Boulder Opal as well as the occasional “gem” quality boulder.

Boulder Opal is the most stable form of opal in the world. Queensland Australia currently produces 100% of the world’s boulder.

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We offer for sale the following products:-

Quality cut Boulder Opal

  • Gem quality
  • Top commercial quality
  • Commercial quality
  • Gem quality rough parcels are sometimes for sale depending on mine production

Opal specimens (orders essential)

  • Quality polished specimens from AUSD$22 inc. GST.
  • Rough specimens for display from AUSD$55 inc. GST.
  • Rough specimens for polishing 20 litre drum from AUSD$440 inc.GST.
  • Small bright specimens (not for cutting) average size 2-5cm each (may vary) P.O.A.

Other products

  • Off-cuts (every piece has a little potch or colour) x 200 litre drum @ AUSD$550 inc. GST. (reservations essential).
  • Small colourful chips and offcuts (for very small cut stones). Per Kg. P.O.A.
  • Cracked or damaged cut boulder opal. Per gram. P.O.A.
  • Small cuttable parcels of low to medium grade rough (blues and greens) from AUSD$220 inc. GST.
Commercial grade blue/green faced boulder opal

Please see our Shipping & Delivery information for details about our Freight and Handling Charges.